Lidewapoker – Bingo makes the plaza a hot spot

Jonathan Jossel, CEO at Plaza, doesn’t believe that bingo is in decline because it’s only played by the older generation.

From his point of view, that couldn’t be further from the truth. “I think it’s growing,” said Jossel. “At least for us, it must grow. We haven’t seen the consistent growth we see now in the last 12 months. “

Plaza has made bingo a major point of emphasis, especially since Jossel took over a few years ago. Next week – December 12-13 – the hotels and casinos in downtown Las Vegas will host another popular Super Bingo tournament. Only this time it will be bigger than before with 126 matches scheduled for two days with a $ 150,000 payout visit Lidewapoker.

Most games will pay $ 1,000 for winners compared to $ 2,000 when there are fewer games available. However, more games means more winners. They spread the prize money a little more this way.

“I’ve seen it done one day,” veteran bingo manager Weldon Russell said of playing 63 games during the session, “but not days.”

While many casinos within walking distance offer similar options in slots and table games, Jossel wanted something to set Plaza apart from the rest.

He is very proud that they have the only bingo hall in the city center “We are known for that,” said Jossel. “We want to really focus on something that sets us apart. Bingo is that. This adds a different dimension to our properties. We’re the only game downtown.

At least a few (other downtown casinos) have tried, and it doesn’t work. People try something and they are not committed to it. In order for everything to run smoothly, you have to take a course. Sometimes it doesn’t always make immediate money. “

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