Possible hopes to turn equities into weak hands with fifth overcards

In this battle of blinds, Victor Simionato knocked a full house in position against two pairs of small blind Blaz Zerjav. The hand starts with Zerjav wobbling in an 8-5 fit after it folds towards him. Simionato checked his options in a K-5 offsuit and immediately knocked out the king with a toddler. Zerjav has made two vulnerable pairs with kings on the board along with his pair of five and eight kicks.

He’s betting from the wrong position, likely hoping to turn equity into a weak hand with a fifth overcards. Simionato just called out with his big hand and 8® in turn raised Zerjav to king and eight, while also putting the club second on the board, making two separate flush draws possible. Zerjav bet again, firing 1.9 million into the pot 2.9 million visit dewapoker.

With his opponent betting twice now, Simionato decided to raise it to 6,400,000 with his ship. Zerjav is in a difficult position. He had a hand that felt strong enough for him to risk a turn for an equity refusal and perhaps to extract value from the other five.

But when his opponent turns up after two stakes, Zerjav’s hand could easily be in very rough shape against Simionato’s reach. Zerjav decided to call and 6® on the river completed the possibility of watering through the back door. Zerjav checked and Simionato made a healthy bet of 11 million into the 15,600,000 pot.