The first skill-based video game slot machine launches on the Caesars AC property

First skill-based video game gambling machine launched on Caesars AC property – The world’s first skill-based video game (VGM) gambling machine created by GameCo, Inc., will launch on Caesars Atlantic City property.

VGM is launched exclusively on Caesars Atlantic City properties. GameCo and Caesars share a vision of creating a destination for the future of casino customers, combining the entertainment, engagement and fun of video games, sports and gambling. Caesars will feature 21 game positions in high-traffic, leading locations on all three properties, with three unit carousels at Harrah’s Resort, two at Caesars, and two at Bally’s Wild Wild West. The main game, entitled “Arena Danger” is a first-person action video game where the player’s skills determine the payout visit

There is a free video keno contest from the 1st to 5th of every month with a top prize of $ 100. Your game earns points, similar to a slot club although it can take a while to earn an award. This is primarily a video poker site but Keno is also there to the extent described above.

The good thing is that you can’t lose because it’s not a gambling site, so apart from the membership fees for the higher tiers there are no downsides. Let me know what you think of how you like keno videos compared to live broadcasts.