The Ultimate Guide to Playing PKV Games Baccarat War

Hello, meet again with a close friend on the site of rules and techniques for playing online gambling, on this occasion we will discuss the Tricks to Play Baccarat Online War which is also true. This is how learning to play. Baccarat is an online gambling game where many players are divided into 2 classes, namely Banker / Bandar as well as Player, for the direction that is looking for a card with a total of 9. Because this card is the highest card in this baccarat war game.

Now PKV is up-date and provides one of the newest games, the baccarat war game. The baccarat game, which is usually known only on online casino sites, is now on the poker v Indonesia server. In connection with this game has not been released in a long time and a little knows how to play it and calculate the cards used. We the admin of pkvgamess will share the steps to play them on the online pkv games poker site. We will discuss how to play tricks and the rules that are used at the table. So those who have seen baccarat as a casino game should leave such considerations, because you can play this type of games on the Indonesian poker88 pkv games site.

In this game, there is a meaning used, namely bankers and players, just like baccarat games on online casino sites. At the start of this game, 2 cards will be separated, for all 10, J, Q, K cards worth 0 (0) special for Ace / Ace cards worth one (1). Another alternative in this game is a tie bet type where the value of the banker and player cards is the same.

Steps to count the baccarat war card game
The same as what we have explained above on a 1-9 value card, the value is still the same, the exception is the 10-K and Ace cards. The following is the value of a baccarat pkv games card:

As / Ace = (valuable) 1
2 = (valuable) 2
3 = (valuable) 3
4 = (valuable) 4
5 = (valuable) 5
6 = (valuable) 6
7 = (valuable) 7
8 = (valuable) 8
9 = (valuable) 9
10 = (valuable) 0 (0)
J = (valuable) 0 (0)
Q = (valuable) 0 (0)
K = (valuable) 0 (0)

An example of a combined count of ace + 9 is therefore the result is 10 and is considered 0, because card counting is the same as the last domino number counted. On the other hand, you can bet select a tie or a tie bet. But to get this series bet, it is really difficult, the chances in this baccarat pkv game are only 5, 9% of the 10 card rounds later. An example of a tie bet in this game is as follows:

Player 5 + 3 = 8 and Banker 8 + Q = 8
Player 10 + K = 0 and Banker Q + K = 0

In each game, of course, there are conditions that need to be accompanied by all players. Likewise the game in the baccarat pkv games war. Here are the conditions that are important for you to recognize in order to play it.

The dealer / banker can be a combination of cards with a number of 0 (0) to 6, you have the right to increase 1 card to increase or decrease the existing value, for example:

Value 0-3 Must be more
Value 4-6 More balls or no more cards.
Value 7 Not necessarily for more cards
Value 8-9 Pure or maybe not more
If the dealer or banker has such provisions, there are also players. The provisions that apply to players are not the same as bankers, namely:

Value 0 – 4 must be more
Value 5 – 7 is not more
8-9 points no more.

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