Michael Cabry Uses Funds Donated To The Gambling Committee

Pennsylvania Judge Faces Allegations of Felony After Using Campaign Funds At Casino, A Pennsylvania judge faces felony theft charges after allegedly using campaign donations to fund “six-figure gambling habits.”

Michael Cabry, a Chester County district judge, was arrested Tuesday and charged with perjury and four offenses against campaign finance laws, along with charges of theft.

According to local media, he was arrested after a jury found he staked his campaign funds worth $ 111,000 in 2017, resulting in a net loss of $ 9,000 visiting poker88.

Cabry, 59, started a political action committee in 2016 and a jury said there was evidence that funds donated to the PAC were used for personal expenses.

In a criminal complaint, a special agent from the Attorney General’s office said he used the funds for gambling trips to Atlantic City, Dover, Del., And a local Pennsylvania casino. According to the complaint, if it weren’t for a six-figure score during one of his trips to Delaware Park, Cabry would have lost over $ 9,000.

Chester County Presidential Judge John Hall removed the Cabry badge and keys, and also submitted an open case to another judge in the county. Cabry was barred from entering the court he previously presided over and not allowed to remove any documents from his office.

Cabry was elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2005, 2011 and 2017. He ran unopposed during his most recent campaign.

He was released on his own admission without bail and a preliminary hearing was set for October 26.